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About us

DPH was born in 1989 at Groissiat in the north of the Rhône-Alpes region, halfway between Lyon and Geneva. Oyonnax, just beside Groissiat, is known as the French capital of Plastics Vallée. As a mould maker, our customers are plastic injection manufacturers.

The first mould maker to incorporate Conformal cooling

Always on the lookout for new technologies and aware of new quality requirements, in 2012 DPH brought in skills and equipment in metal 3D printing or conformal cooling and laser fusion. We were able to house this specialist machinery by extending our building.

For over



at the heart of the Plastic Valley

A high level of service for our customers


Injectors, manufacturers, OEM, designers,

DPH regularly supports about two hundred customers in their plastic and rubber injection projects.

Our team

numbers some fifteen committed and responsive people; driven by the values of reliability, seriousness, high quality and proven processes, they know how to keep your projects confidential.

Our technicians

have over ten years design experience.

A group organisation

DPH has been part of the Franco-Swiss group TAVON since 2021.